Reuben Elsnorth (Ellsworth) of Windsor, Connecticut. Tall case clock. 2650.

This is a fine cherry case tall clock with an engraved silvered brass dial signed by Reuben Elsnorth of Windsor, Connecticut. The name on the dial is misspelled “Ellsworth.” It is not unusual to see the names of some New England Clockmakers occasionally spelled phonetically.

This clock stands on four lovely splayed feet. The center drop apron is nicely formed having a long sweeping curtain in the center. The waist section is long. It is fitted with a large tombstone shaped waist door that is trimmed with a molded edge. The sides of this case are fitted with fluted quarter columns that end in decoratively turned wooden capitals. The bonnet is a swan's neck pediment form. The left side of the bonnet is fitted with an access door that is hinged. Through this door one could gain access to the movement with out having to remove the bonnet or hood. The traditional bonnet door is located at the front of the case is arched and is fitted with glass. It opens to access the dial. Four fully turned and fluted free standing bonnet columns support the tympanum. They are positioned on each corner of the case. They terminate in turned wooden capitals. This case exhibits typical proportions and wood selection for this central Connecticut region. The finish is quite old and has mellowed to a wonderful nut brown color.

The dial is brass and has been recently restored with a silver wash. The decoration is engraved into the front surface. The time ring is formatted with Roman numerals which mark each hour and Arabic numerals mark each of the five minute indications. The seconds are engraved on a separate seconds bit that is inset and applied the the back of the dial in the traditional location. This clock also features a calendar. This is located above the numeral six. The Maker's name is engraved in the arch along with his working location.

The time and strike movement is brass, eight-day duration and of good quality.

This clock made circa 1780 and stands approximately 7 feet 8 inches tall to the top of the arches or 8 feet tall to the top of the wooden turned finial.


About Reuben Elsnorth of Windsor, Connecticut.

Reuben was born in 1736 and died in 1785. He was the son Giles Ellsworth and Hanna Stoughton. Reuben married Elizabeth Moore. Ms. Moore was born in 1743 and died in 1798. Reuben had an older Uncle David who was also a clockmaker. David was born in 1709 and lived until 1782. It is logical to assume that David trained his nephew. This clock is currently the only known signed example made by Reuben.

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