Jacob Jones of Pittsfield, New Hampshire. A NH tall clock. NN-105.

This is a fine mixed woods country case tall clock made by Jacob Jones of Pittsfield, New Hampshire.

This is wonderful country representation of the traditional form one expects to find from this somewhat rural region. The case is constructed in a number of woods comprising of maple, birch, mahogany and pine. This is a format that was very popular in the southeastern region of New Hampshire. This case form must have sold well due to the number of examples that we handle each year. This case appears to retain its original finish and is in excellent original condition. The case stands on a simple cutout bracket base. Please note the figure exhibited on all three side of the base section. The waist is fitted with a long rectangular door. This door is trimmed with a delicate applied molding. The door is cross banded with a mahogany border and features a veneered center panel of bird’s eye maple. Bird's maple has a very interesting grain pattern. Inside the door, one should notice that the case is signed in chalk by the Maker. It reads, "J D Jones." In fact, this case is signed seven times in this fashion in as many locations. Smoothly turned quarter columns which are fitted into sides of the waist and terminate in brass quarter capitals. The bonnet is a fretwork form. This whale's tails pattern is original to this clock. In addition, the three period brass finials that are mounted on chimney plinths, are also original to this clock. The hood door is arched and fitted with glass. It opens to access the dial.

This dial is of Boston origin and is colorfully painted. It features a long red swag that is draped from the central theme of an urn in the arch. Each of the four spandrel areas are also colorfully decorated and feature fruit themes. A gilt circle frames the time ring. Roman numerals mark the hours. Arabic numerals are use to indicated the five minute markers. The interior of the dial features a subsidiary seconds dial and a calendar dial viewed through the arched aperture. The hands are steel and very well formed.

This movement is constructed in brass and is good quality. The plates are cast in brass and lack the finishing that is exhibited in city clocks. The movement is weight driven, retaining it’s original tin can weights and is designed to run eight days on a full wind. It is a time and strike design having a rack and snail striking system. As a result, it will strike each hour on the hour. This is done on a cast iron bell which is mounted above the movement. The lead pendulum bob is covered in brass. The front facing of this bob is engraved with the Maker's name and working location.

This clock stands 7 feet 3 inches tall and was made circa 1810. This clock is inventory number NN-105.

We have owned several clock over the years from this region that are signed by their respected clockmakers in this fashion.

About Jacob Jones of Pittsfield, New Hampshire.

Jacob Jones was born on December 30, 1749 in Kingston, New Hampshire. He was the son of John Jones (1724-1815) and Hannah Dow (1728-1806). Jacob had a Brother John Jr. who is also listed as a clockmaker. Jacob married Mary Dow. They had at least one son, Jacob Jr. who is also listed as a clockmaker. Jacob dies in Pittsfield on July 25th, 1839. Charles Parsons reports in his book, New Hampshire Clockmakers, that fifteen tall case examples are known to have survived by this Maker.

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