A country-cased New England style tall clock in cherry. This clock is not signed. 21032

This cherry case tall clock was most likely made in Central Massachusetts. This case exhibits traditional New England proportions and a modern shellac-based finish. The finish is complementary and enhances the natural warm color of the cherry wood.

This case stands on bracket feet. The feet are formed by scrolling out their design in the lower section of the base. The waist is long and features a large rectangular-shaped waist door trimmed with applied moldings. One can access the two drive weights and the pendulum through this door. Fluted quarter columns flank the sides of the waist. They terminate in brass quarter capitals. The molded arched bonnet or hood features a whale’s tails New England-style fretwork pattern. The three fluted chimneys or finial plinths support a brass ball and spiked finial. Fully turned and fluted bonnet columns are fitted into brass capitals and visually support the molded arch. The arched bonnet door is fitted with glass. It opens to access the painted iron dial.

The unsigned, colorfully painted iron dial is of Boston origin. It was painted by the Curtis & Nolen dial firm. The four spandrel areas are decorated with urns. These are framed with fluid scrollwork comprised of applied gesso that is highlighted in gilt paint. An apple is prominently depicted in the lunette. Perhaps the original owner was an apple farmer? This dial displays the hours, minutes, seconds, and calendar date in the traditional format.

The clockworks are constructed in brass and are of good quality. It is weight-driven and designed to run for eight days once fully wound. It is a time and strike design having a rack and snail striking system. As a result, it will strike the bell each hour on the hour. The cast iron bell is mounted above the movement.

This very pleasing example was made circa 1800. It stands approximately 7 feet 10 inches tall to the top of the center finial.



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