Peter Henningsen of Haderslev, Denmark. A decorative Danish tall clock of modest size. YY27.

The Danish town of Haderslev is located in southern Denmark. It is situated in a valley, leading from Vojens to Haderslev Fjord and the Baltic Sea.

This case is constructed in fruitwood. It has been recently refinished and is very light in its coloring. Several of the moldings and decorative details have been ebonized. The black coloring of this treatment is in stark contrast to the light, honey colored fruit wood panels.

This case sets flat on the floor. The base section is in the shape of a trapezoid. It tapers inward as you look upwards. It is fitted with an inset panel. A decorative molding helps make the transition. It is a very interesting form. The next molding is complex. The waist section is long and fitted with a large rectangular shaped waist door. Smoothly turned quarter columns are fitted into the the front corners. The hood features a flat cornice top. The dial door is circular and fitted with glass to protect the dial. The the front corners of the hood are shaped. This unusual detail somewhat conforms to the shape of the dial door.

The dial is circular and a convex form. It has been fully restored. It is clean and neat. The time ring is formatted with Arabic style quarter hours, a closed minute ring and Roman hour numerals. The hands are wonderfully formed. They are a gold in color.

The 8-day movement is weight powered. It is a time and strike design. It will strike each hour on a bell.

This clock stands a mere 6 feet 6.5 inches tall. It is 20.75 inches wide and 8.75 deep.


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