William Sherwin of Buckland, Massachusetts

William Sherwin was born in western part of Franklin County in the small town of Ashfield, Massachusetts on October 26, 1787. It is not known when he moved approximately 5 miles north to the town of Buckland. Buckland was organized on April 14th, 1779 from the plantation then called Notown and a part of Charlemont. It is recorded in the town history that he became very active in town affairs serving for a time as the town clerk, an assessor, a school committee member, a selectman, and an overseer of the poor. He was elected multiple times as Buckland’s representative to the General Court of the Massachusetts Legislature. Due to his business of manufacturing and selling clocks, his cutting engine is now in the American Clock & Watch Museum in Bristol, Connecticut, the neighborhood around his home and shop was called “Clock Hollow” by the locals. It is thought that he purchased his cases from a Daniel Warner. A tall case clock attributed to Sherwin and Warner remains in the Wilder Homestead collection in that town. The town of Buckland had an industrious center due to the power provided from the Clesson river. Various wooden wares were made in great quantities. William Sherwin died in 1877.

William Sherwin of Buckland, Massachusetts. Wooden geared transitional shelf clock. -SOLD-

This is a very good example of an unusual transitional shelf clock attributed to William Sherwin of Buckland, Massachusetts. This example… read more