William Cummens of Roxbury, Massachusetts.

William Cummens was born 1768 and died on April 20, 1834 at the age of 66. He worked in Roxbury as a clockmaker as early as 1789 through 1834. He was trained by Simon Willard and along with Elnathan Taber, Cummens stayed in Roxbury and made many clocks for his own clients while maintaining a close working relationship with the Willard family. In this Roxbury location, Cummens had direct access to the same suppliers, such case makers and dial painters that the Willards used. As a result, his clocks are very similar in form. He was one of the first persons authorized by Simon Willard to manufacture the new patent timepiece. Over the past 45 plus years in business, we have owned and sold many tall case clocks, Massachusetts shelf clocks and wall timepieces signed by this important clockmaker. Very few tall case examples are found with his original set up label.

William Cummens Label

This is a photograph of a William Cummens set up label. Traditionally, these are pasted to the back of the waist… read more

William Cummens of Roxbury, Massachusetts. A wall timepiece or banjo clock.  -SOLD-

This outstanding example is in wonderful original condition. The case is constructed in mahogany and appears to retain it's original finish.… read more

William Cummens of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Automated rocking ship tall clock dial of Boston origin. -SOLD-

This is an outstanding case. It features line inlays, crossbanding and highly figured mahogany veneers. This tall case exhibits excellent proportions,… read more

William Cummens of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Tall case clock.

This is a fine inlaid mahogany case tall clock exhibiting excellent proportions and a painted dial signed by the Roxbury, Massachusetts… read more