John Bailey Jr. of Hanover, Massachusetts.

John Bailey Jr. a Quaker, was born in 1787. He was born into an active clockmaking family that had be working at manufacturing clock since the mid 1780’s. It is believed that was trained by his father, John II. In 1809, when he finished his apprenticeship, he moved to Portland, Maine and met and married Anna Taber the daughter of a prominent Quaker merchant in Portland. By 1811, they returned to Hanover. It is interesting to note that he had a fair amount a business in the South. In the winter months, he would travel to places like North Carolina and repair clocks. He also contracted to manufacture clocks for a number of Southern residents. In 1823, his father died and John Jr. moved to New Bedford. In 1848, he moves to Lynn, Massachusetts where he died in 1883. John was active in the antislavery movement for many years. His activism cost him substantial business losses over time. Over the years, we have owned a fair number of clocks made by him. Some of which included tall case clocks, dwarf clocks and the Massachusetts shelf clock form.

John Bailey Jr. of Hanover, Massachusetts. Tall case clock.

A mahogany veneered tall case clock signed on the dial by John Bailey Jr., of Hanover, Massachusetts. This fine example features… read more