John Bailey II of Hanover, MAssachusetts

John Bailey II was born the son of John and Ruth Randall Bailey on May 6th, 1751. He learned clockmaking at a very young age is is responsible for training numerous apprentices such as his younger brothers Calvin and Lebbeus as well as Joshua Wilder, his son John III, Joseph Gooding, Ezra Kelley and Hingham’s Joshua Wilder. He was the most prolific of the six Baileys that were involved in the clock business. John was a Quaker. Over the years, we have owned a fair number of clocks made by him. Some of which included tall case clocks, dwarf clocks and the Massachusetts shelf clock form.

John Bailey II of Hanover, Massachusetts. Tall case clock. -SOLD-

This country maple case tall clock was made by John Bailey II of Hanover of Massachusetts. John Bailey II was born… read more