Jacob Sargeant of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Jacob Sargeant was born in Mansfield, Connecticut on February 28, 1761. He was the son of Samuel and Hannah ( Baldwin ) Sargeant. He was engaged in watch and clock making as early as 1785. In 1787 he moved to Springfield, Massachusetts and continued to make clocks and to sell jewelry. Here he employed his younger brother Thomas as an apprentice. In October 1795 he advertised in the “Courant,” a Hartford newspaper, that he had moved or “Established his business at the sign of the Golden Watch a few rods South of the State House in Hartford.“ He remained in Hartford until his death in 1843.

Jacob Sargeant of Springfield, Massachusetts

This is a very nice tall case clock made by Jacob Sargeant of Springfield, Massachusetts. This is a nice country cased… read more