James Doull of Charlestown, Massachusetts.

James Doull was born in Scotland in 1785 and immigrated to the United States in 1806 at the age of 29. In 1807, he is listed in the Boston tax records as working with Clockmaker Aaron Willard as a journeyman. This suggests that he came to this country highly skilled and must have been trained overseas. Because he is listed for only one year in Boston, it is assumed he moved to Charlestown shortly after this date. In 1823 he moves to Pennsylvania and he took up residence in Philadelphia. In 1823 he is listed at 112 High. in 1825 at 3 Castle. 1828 – 1833 on hte south east corner of South and Spruce. 1835 through 1849 south east corner of 4th and Spruce. in 1856 on South 4th. He is listed there until 1856. Over the years we have owned several tall case clocks, shelf clocks and a timepiece made by this fine Maker.

James Doull of Charlestown, Massachusetts. Cabinetmakers John & Thomas Seymour of Boston, Massachusetts. Tall clock.  -SOLD-

An important Hepplewhite tall case clock with an automated rocking ship painted dial signed by James Doull of Charlestown, Massachusetts. The… read more