John Edwards of Ashby, Massachusetts.

John B. Edwards was the son of Ashby clockmaker Abraham Edwards. John was born in Ashby, Massachusetts on October 20, 1787. Abraham and first wife, Rebecca, had four children before Rebecca died in 1813.   The four children are recorded in Ashby:  Rebecca b. April 1, 1785, John b. Oct. 20, 1787, Sally b. Sept. 28, 1794, and Abraham A. b. June 17, 1796.  On June 13, 1811 John married Libby Waters in Ashby.  John live a total of 38 years and died Oct. 1, 1825 in Ashby. John was a clockmaker. We have owned and seen several examples of his work. The movements have been very similar to the thirty-hour wooden geared clocks made by his Father and the other Ashby clockmakers.