Forestville Hardware & Clock Co. of Bristol, Conn. Minature steeple clock.

This miniature steeple clock is in excellent original condition. The case is veneered in rosewood and possibly retains an original finish. It has suffered very little veneer losses over the years. A small section has been repaired on the divider between the two glasses. This example was never with finials making it an usual form. The lower tablet is acid etched form the back and features a floral pattern. Through this, one can just make out the swinging motion of the pendulum when the clock is running. The dial is painted on zinc and is original to this clock. The Clockmaker's label is pasted inside the case on the backboard. These are often missing and it is nice to find one in such good condition except for some staining. The 30-hour movement is spring powered and wound with a key.

This is a very rare and highly collectable clock. It measures approximately 12.75 inches tall, 6.75 inches wide and 3.25 inches deep. It was made circa 1854.

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