Chales Wilder Barometers. Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Pictured here are the three versions of wall barometers made by Charles Wilder. The one to the left is considered the standard model and is most commonly found. The one on the right is often called the baseball bat model. This version does not come to the marketplace very often. The center example is also hard to find. All three are approximately 38 inches tall.

About Charles Wilder of Peterborough, New Hampshire. An American barometer maker.

Charles Wilder was born the son of Mark and Eliza Ann ( Thayer ) Wilder. He attended the common schools and the Academy in Peterborough. He became a popular teacher at the Academy and later the Principal. He had planned to continue his education and become a layer but his Fathers debts forced him into the family business of shoe pegs. He pursued this business for two years when in 1860 he secured the rights to manufacture portable mercury barometers under the patent issued to a Mr. Woodruff of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Each barometer had a natural position and use for a thermometer so he developed his own line. Wilder Barometers were sold throughout the United States by advertising through the leading agricultural periodicals of the day.

As a successful businessman and prominent citizen he was an active member and supporter of his Church. He served as a representative to the State Legislature in 1869 and 1870 and was also a Town Moderator in 1869. In 1900 he died. The business continued for a short time until it was sold to the W. & L. E. Gurley Instrument Company of Troy, New York. (Most of this info was provided from the Peterborough, New Hampshire Historical Society.)

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