James Rodgers of New York City.

James Ro(d)gers of New York City, New York.

This is a beautiful figured mahogany case tall clock that is delicately line inlaid and was made in New York City. This intricate case design is typical of some of the finest New York furniture forms of the period. The exceptional woods used in the construction of this case and the fine quality of the craftsmanship are first rate and command your attention in this case design.

This case stands on carved paw feet which are applied to the bottom of the base. They are unusual and are original to this clock. Interestingly, we have recently owned two other clocks that share this same design. The base panel features a cross banded border on the outside edge. Two crotch veneered panels are separated and highlighted by satinwood line inlaid frames. The panels feature a fiery grained veneer. The waist is fitted with a nicely shaped door, an applied Irish panel and decorative mounting blocks for the fully turned and heavily carved waist columns. All six panels are bordered by satinwood line inlays and feature the best grained mahogany selections. The bonnet features a swan’s neck pediment form. The arched pediment is supported by fully turned and carved columns which are positioned on either side of the arched bonnet door. The door is glazed and opens to a colorfully painted dial which is signed by the Maker. This dial features small colorful geometric fans in the spandrel areas. There is also a floral detail in this location. In the arch, one will find a country scene. It is also signed by the Clockmaker in the center, “Jas. Rodgers, New York.” The time & strike movement is constructed in brass and designed to run eight-days an on a full wind. It is good quality.

This clock was made circa 1830 stands 7 feet 7 inches tall. It is inventory number 2471.


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