This highly figured "tear drop" style tavern clock was made by William Orpwood in Ipswich, England circa 1800. 221151

William Orpwood is listed in Brian Loomes, Clockmakers and Watchmakers of the World. William was born in 1764 in Woodbridge ( Suffolk) and served his clockmaking apprenticeship to William Mayhew of Woodbridge. He set up shop in 1789 in Ipswich, “near the Great White Horse.” In 1789, he was working on Tavern Street “nearly opposite the Coffee House soon moved Opposite the Bank Buildings through 1800. William died in 1803.
  Many visitors to our shop would consider this highly figured George III mahogany cased wall clock to be one of the most elegant clocks in our extensive inventory. This well-proportioned case form features a brilliant design, with a flair for the contemporary. Framed with an applied molding, the delicately shaped waist door has a choice selection of crotch mahogany veneer. The perimeter of the case is decorated with a light line string inlay. The turned wooden bezel is a complex design and is fitted with glass. This bezel is hinged at the top and opens to access the dial.

The time-worn silvered brass dial measures 14 inches in diameter. The time ring is formatted with large Arabic style quarter hour markers. A minute ring, formatted with dashes at each minute separates the large Roman Style hour numerals. The maker’s name and working location are engraved on this dial just below the Roman style hour numeral XII. Nicely hand-filed open barbed hands will display the time.

The brass constructed 8-day duration movement features large tapered plates that are supported by six shaped brass pillars. Hardened steel shafts support the brass gearing. This is a time only deign and the works are weight powered. The main wheel drum is grooved to accept the weight cord. The escapement is a recoil format. The pendulum is fitted to a brass bridge that is mounted at the back of the works.

Height 44 1/2 inches Width 17 1/2 inches Depth 7 1/4 inches

Inventory #221151

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