Seth Thomas "Litchfield." Wall clock. 30-day time only.

This is a a very difficult model to find. It is cataloged as the “Litchfield” an was made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company as early as 1909. The case wood is mahogany and retains an older finish that has been waxed over. The movement is a double spring time only design. It is designed to run thirty days on a full wind. The movement is brass and features a Graham Deadbeat Escapement and is secured to an iron bracket which which is mounted to the back of the case. The pendulum bob is brass and can be viewed through the glass door in the front of the case. The dial is painted on tin and measures 12 inches in diameter. This dial is original to this clock. It displays the Maker's name, a Roman numeral time ring and a seconds bit. Both glasses are trimmed with a gold leaf boarder. This clock was made circa 1909 and measures 31 inches long.

Inventory number MM-132.

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