A fine New Hampshire Mirror Clock with wheelbarrow movement. The dial is not signed.

Although the dial of this New Hampshire Mirror clock is unsigned, we have a pretty good idea of it’s Maker. This clock has a very distinctive “Wheelbarrow” shaped movement. This movement gets it’s name from the unusual layout of the brass gearing. The gears are laid out from left to right on a horizontal plane. On the left, is the main wheel which gathers the weight cord. On the far right side is the escape wheel. As a result, the pendulum attaches to the movement from this off center position. We have owned numerous examples of mirror clocks that incorporate this unusual setup. Many of which have featured dials signed by the Boscawen, New Hampshire Clockmaker Benjamin Morrill.

This case is constructed in white pine and is veneered in mahogany. Please note the use of veneers that exhibit excellent graining. Another interesting feature are the mitered corners. The wood retains an older finish. The front of this case is actually a door. It is divided in two sections. The lower section features a mirror. The mirror in this example is an older replacement. Fortunately the replace mirror is period and looks excellent. The upper section of the door features a reverse painted tablet which is original to this clock and is in very good original condition. It features a yellow background and is decorated with gilt designs in each of the four spandrel areas. The center of this tablet is left undecorated. This open area is trimmed with a gilt boarder that centers the painted dial. The dial is painted on iron and has had some minor restoration to a couple of the numerals. The steel hands are nicely shaped. The minute hand is an appropriate replacement and matches the style of the hour hand. The door will open to allow one access to the dial and also the mechanism which is positioned behind it.

This clock is nicely proportioned measuring 30 inches long, 14 inches wide and 3.75 inches deep. This clock was made circa 1835.

This clock is inventory number HH-27.

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